tailor-made to your drumming.

Handmade shells

We press our ply shells in house with our own moulds, using A-Grade wood veneers from certified sources only.


Since 2010 we make state-of-the-art finishes on all our drums. From a classic natural to a complex graphic finish you can ask fro everything you want.

High-end hardware

Reliability and strenght are our main focus when it comes to hardware. Only the best strainers, hoops, lugs, wires and fitting on the market on our snares!

Buy with confidence

Our flexible payment policy can facilitate the purchase of your new snare drum. You can rely also  on our customer service and 2 years warranty on the whole drum.

Hello and welcome to AT DrumWorks!

Since 2010 I hand-build bespoke snare drums for drummers around the world, with passion and true devotion to craftmanship.
Whether you’re a professional or an amateur drummer I can build your new snare based on your specifications and desires, just get in touch with me or my staff and we will help you designing your dreams snare drum.

You can choose any details from the single ply of the shell to the lug gasket, I’ll take care of everything else, until your new snare will come to your door. 

Alessandro Terazzan – Founder


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